Zero VOC Finishes

What are VOCs and why are they important?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are the gases emitted from certain solids or liquids – some of which may have short- and long-term adverse health effects. VOCs can pose a wide range of health risks. Depending on the level of exposure and length of time exposed, one may experience adverse symptoms such as eye, nose, and throat irritation as well as dizziness and headaches. Long or repeated exposure to VOCs can cause damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system. To learn more about the health risks associated with VOCs, click here.

There are a two exciting products on the market today that contain Zero VOCs are suitable for your wood floors.

Rubio Monocoat Zero VOCs

Rubio Monocoat

Monocoat all-natural oil wood floor finishes are plant-based, VOC-free and completely non-toxic oil finishes of extraordinary durability. Available in clear finish and more than 30 color finishes, all apply evenly in a single coating. All Monocoat finishes are easily maintained, and provide a subtle lustre that reveals and complements, rather than covers, the natural grain and patina of the wood.

Monocoat adheres with the first microns of wood by molecular bonding. As a result, Monocoat Natural Oil can cover an average 400 sq. ft. of floor per liter. And because of molecular bonding, no surface film can form, and no variable saturation can occur. Not only is a second coat not required, the finished wood will not accept a second coat. The same action protects against overlaps and color variance and causes the process to complete in one coat.

Monocoat Natural Oil finish bonding technology allows local touch up of damaged areas or scratches, because only the free wood fibers will take the touchup coating.

For more information on Rubio Monocoat please click here.

Vermeister Zero VOC

ZERO VOC is a completely solvent-free water based aliphatic polyurethane finish. ZERO VOC can be used as a single component product or as two-component product after adding ZERO VOC BOOST. Produced with partially renewable raw materials. ZERO VOC is ideal for use in the green building sector and when applied directly to the wood it does not alter the shade and gives it a very natural effect. Available in matte finish or satin finish.