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Bowling Alley Look but is Dangerous to your health

I have used Moisture Cure in the past and usually try to discourage it’s use to customers whenever I am asked to use it. Recently, I was asked by a customer who had a 14 month old girl living in the house and I was trying to inform him the dangers of using Moisture Cure and its harmful VOC’s and dangerous off gassing. Especially to young children (as they are lower to the floor). I mentioned one incident I read about, which happened in an Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in Brooklyn – where Rabbis had to pass out flyers door-to-door about the dangers of using Moisture Cure in the home. The VOCs released from Moisture Cure has been linked to cancer, reproductive problems,asthma and other respiratory issues.

If you or know of anyone who is thinking of using Moisture Cure Urethane in their home. Please share this New York Times article with them.